to fund Mary & Tony's

    health, housing & transportation expenses


    Dearest friends,

    thank you for being here.


    To help our parents, Grace is offering

    a 72-hour Flash Sale of

    her transformational, healing services.

  • Within the last couple weeks, our mother, Mary, suffered a stroke, and our father, Tony, was hospitalized with cardiac issues. Their current housing does not allow space for physical therapy or proper rehabilitation.


    To top it all off, on the ride back from our celebratory lunch following our mother's hospital discharge, our parents' Toyota was rammed by a distracted driver and rendered undriveable. While we wait for the other driver's insurance to take action, our parents lack transportation to doctors appointments and therapies.

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  • Mary & Tony's Fundraiser

    Flash Sale of Grace's Transformational & Healing Services

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    Transformational & Healing Offerings?

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    Our Story begins with

    the Power of a Group

    On the first week of October, we learned that our beautiful, kind, inquisitive, generous, loving, wise, tenacious, FULL OF LIFE mother, collapsed with a stroke.


    She’d been going strong at 73 years young, with enough physical stamina to wear Grace out on their hikes through Prospect Park. Aside from an occasional cold, she’d never been sick. Still in shock, we flew into Los Angeles within days, to be by our mother’s side, and nurture her back to health.


    Upon hearing the news, our incredibly supportive and loving friends from all over the world sprang into action. Healing prayers and meditations for her recovery emanated from all corners. The outpouring has been astounding, and we are so deeply moved and grateful. You aided and comforted not only our mother, but our whole family.


    The result in just 14 days has been astounding...

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    Mary's Miraculous Recovery

    The stroke damaged the part of her left brain that controls speech and communication, and impaired the right side of her body. Initially, she was unable to speak, so she tried to communicate by writing.


    As you can see in the top image, even writing her name was a challenge for Mary. She persevered, and you can see her amazing progress in the bottom image, which is noticeably improving.


    We were overjoyed when she was cleared for discharge from the hospital.


    However…on the ride home, a distracted driver T-Boned my parent’s Toyota. This time, our father was hospitalized for cardiac issues. While he's battled hyperthyroidism and diabetes for years, we have now learned that his memory is failing and he's unable to take care of our mother.

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    A Need for a Healthy

    Living Environment

    About two years ago, Mary and Tony moved back to LA from Portland, Oregon, to await their turn for affordable senior housing in Koreatown. Faced with sky-high rents in a gentrifying neighborhood, they decided to rent a room in a private house for what they thought would be a temporary stay. Our mother didn't want to worry her daughters, so she described their living situation as optimal.


    They have now been on the waiting list for over 10 years and it became apparent that the waitlist was being manipulated, and others were able to cut the line.


    Our hearts wept with immense grief when we saw how they’d been living. Their home is just a room with a bed with no access to a kitchen, only a hot plate in the bathroom accessible only by a dangerous uneven stairway. There isn’t space for the walker our mother now depends on, no shelving for their belongings and no space for us, their caretakers.

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    The Healing Journey

    Time is of the essence for Mary to continue her prescribed physical, vision, occupational and speech therapies for recovery.


    Tony & Mary urgently need space for healing--to move around with a walker, perform therapy exercises, have access to an elevator and a kitchen to cook healthy meals... and most of all, breathing space for laughter and love.


    And frankly, they need to know that there are caring people in the world. Their world turned upside down after they moved to the U.S. and lost every penny they had in Korea in the immigrant struggle of living in a foreign land.


    Grace meditated on their circumstance and the struggles of many families perched on her heart.


    She thought... what if in helping our parents, many more families can jump on this journey to recover, rejuvenate and thrive together?


    Inspiration flowed and Grace eagerly created new group healing offerings to serve you and your loved ones.


    In this 72-hour fundraising endeavor, we invite you to join our journey to thrive--so that together we can experience health, abundance, connection, laughter and love.

  • 72-Hour Fundraiser Offerings!

    These offerings highlight Grace's purposeful passions:

    Food as a vehicle for change * Storytelling & connecting with humanity * Living your life purpose


    Not everyone can afford Grace's rates or experience the transformative effects of her services.

    So She's offering her services at a special rate so everyone can now have the opportunity.

    This is a limited time offer for Mary & Tony's fundraiser.


    To learn more about Grace's background, experience and tools she utilize in my transformative offerings,

    please visit www.PurposefulYear.com/about




    Sending you ten thousand blessings!

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    Offering #1

    Hypnosis Session


    Regular Rate $1500

    Gift Offering: Offer What You Can


    10 Spots Available

    Grace works with extraordinary people who are approaching an upleveling life transition. You may be in an unfamiliar terrain in your career, relationship or health. Grace helps untangle and re-wire hidden subconscious stories of obstacle from your traumatic life events so you can supersede the self sabotage along the way to complete your dream project and while savoring the subtle and simple moments of your process.


    This first session is often a jumpstart to creating

    your Purposeful Year Blueprint.


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    Offering #2

    ***Purposeful Year 2020***


    Regular Rate $30,000

    Gift Offering $15,000


    3 Spots Available

    This coming new year in 2020, take your life to the next level! We will create a blueprint towards your long term vision with 52 inspired activities that simplify creating change in your life.


    We will align your immediate goals with your long term joy. We will untangle and re-wire your hidden subconscious stories of immovable obstacles stemming from traumatic events in your life. Finally, we will complete your heart's project and meet your empowering goal.


    This offering includes 32 high-end private sessions and unlimited text support. Payment plans are also available.

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    Offering #3

    Post-Thanksgiving 5-Day Cleanse


    Regular Rate $497 per person

    Gift: Offer What You Can


    15 Spots Available

    This cleanse includes a Heavy Metal Brain Detox, Virus & Bacteria Detox and Yogi Cleanse.


    We will meet ONLINE via ZOOM (www.zoom.us)

    on Tuesday after Thanksgiving weekend,

    December 3rd at 7pm EST and 7pm PST

    to receive an orientation on the cleanse.


    For the following 5 days, you will receive an email with instructions for the cleanse and

    an audio guided meditation for each day.


    We will have a closing cleanse celebration ONLINE via ZOOM on Sunday (time TBD) to memorialize our experiences and lessons.

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    Offering #4

    30-Day Family Cleanse Program


    Regular Rate $5,500

    Gift: Offer What You Can


    3 Spots Available

    This offering is for your whole family!


    As a family, you choose the day and time that works for everyone. We will meet ONLINE via ZOOM (www.zoom.us) once a week for 5 weeks.


    The meetings will support your family to create a deeper bond through story telling, relationship communication tools and of course cleansing-- which will help your family to release physical and energetic toxins. Together you will drink detox juices, eat soups, create meaningful conversations and more.


    The cleanse options include a Liver Detox, Heavy Metal Brain Detox, Virus and Bacteria Detox and Yogi Cleanse. However, each person has the option to do as little or as much as they want in terms of the cleanse. It can be as simple as adding a green juice.


    Food is a powerful vehicle for change, bonding and thriving.

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    Offering #5

    8-Weeks to​ Birth Your Inner Writer

    Regular Rate: $5500

    Gift: Offer What You Can


    5 Spots Available

    Write your story whether it's for your business brand,

    memoir or one person show.


    I've joined forces with story guru Ruthy Otero

    and together we make the impossible feel totally possible!


    Ruthy and I will help you jumpstart your story through practical tools and pummel subconscious blocks to bring your story to life!

    You will finish the 8 weeks with your very own first draft and learn to embody your inner hero.


    We will meet ONLINE via ZOOM once every weekend for for 8 weeks.


    Find out more here: https://screwitletsdoit.us


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    Offering #6

    Corporate Lunch & Learn:

    Purpose, Morale & Fulfillment


    Regular Rate $1,500

    Gift: $750


    5 Spots Available

    Does your company enjoy lunch & learn speakers? I offer customized wellbeing events and activities including:

    • Boosts Morale and enthusiasm, align individual and group purpose, increase mindful wellbeing  
    • Creates Company Culture and Harness the Power of Your Group
    • Purposefully displays employee appreciation and employees feel seen and heard
    • Improves employee satisfaction and attendance
    • Deepen collaboration and relationships
    • Mental or creative breakthrough sessions

    Find out more here: www.purposefulyear.com/corporate.

    Corporate Wellbeing is available in LA & NY only.


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    Thank you for your prayers, meditations, well wishes & LOVE!

    Gul, Rainer, Vicky, Ruthy, Helena, Kayleigh, Jennifer, Laura, Anna, Annie, Bit, Lizzie, Shannon, Jennie, NaVan, Tata

    SooHyen, Jiah , Cathleen, Dulce, Mizue Trinidad, Susan Kim, Esther Friedman

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