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    Grace Sangeet Kaur

    "Sangeet Kaur," The lioness who is filled with divine music, bringing harmony to her soul.

    This name was given to Grace in the Kundalini Yoga lineage to live out the flow of her name.

    Grace has been teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Hypnosis for over 13 years. She helps entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives materialize their goals by helping release their subconscious resistance.


    Grace works with extraordinary people who are approaching a life transition that may be an unfamiliar terrain in their career, relationship or health. They benefit from her ability to illuminate the dark cave of their hidden subconscious obstacle. She helps untangle and re-wire stories from their shrouded stressful or traumatic events in life to complete a project and meet their goal.


    Grace utilizes evidence based researched tools and her narrative storytelling background to apply new patterns and habits and release self-sabotaging habits. She works with the slower brain wavelengths of alpha and theta frequencies in meditation and hypnosis to allow clear goals and visions to come to fruition.


    Grace has a deep love for understand the psychological dimension of being human as an integral and dynamic part of social and cultural life. She is enthusiastically and continually interested in the relation between individual psychology, sociocultural diversity and storytelling that create the possibility for deeper connection and collaboration in social, environmental, cultural impact.


    Grace loves to investigate and connect the dots in research to alleviate suffering and introduce ease and enthusiasm in this human experience.


    Workshops & Private Sessions

    • Mercedes-Benz: Productivity & Personal Fulfillment at the Workplace
    • BOC Women's Business Center:  Minimizing Stress in Client Engagement
    • Cushman & Wakefield: Staff Appreciation Day; Health & Gratitude
    • Colgate-Palmolive: Stress Reduction & Presentation Preparation
    • American Cancer Society: Meditate & Elevate: for Caretakers
    • Women Entrepreneur Group: Gaining Clarity to Re-Calibrate
    • Mastermind Think Tank: Tap into Your Unconscious Genius
    • Bronx Juvenile Detention Center: Yoga & Meditation
    • 8 Week Online Course: The Ritual of Sleep
    • Soul Healing: Soul fractures from life's hardships; Gathering the missing pieces.

    • 5 Day Cleanse:  Food as a Vehicle of Change
    • 21 Day Journey: Experience the Prosperity of Commitment through Food 
    • 8 Week Adventure: Making the Impossible Possible: Removing the Blocks of Your Subconscious
    • Yoga for Productivity: 3 Focus Tools 
    • Yoga for Creativity:  Opening the Visual Cortex
    • Yoga for the Reproductive System: Healing Relationships & Creativity
    • Releasing Grief:  Heal & Let Go of Your Past 
    • New You: Kundalini Rebirthing
    • New Moon Full Moon Ceremonies: Alchemy & Intentions
    • Lovers Journey: 6 week preparation for marriage/partnership
    • Change Your Story, Change Your Life:  30 Day Jumpstart
    • SOS Recovery from a Relationship Break-Up: Private Sessions
    • Prosperity Workshop: Set Your Foundation for Success & Abundance


    Continuing Development & Growth

    • Thirteen years of experience in leading life transformational workshops and classes 
    • Business Consultations/Report Analysis/CRM
    • Vipassana 2017
    • Narative Origin Storytelling 2017
    • Bhakti Yoga & Kirtan, Jai Uttal 2014
    • Information Product Development, Eben Pegan, Lou D’Alo 2012
    • Hypnosis, Dr. Bruce Goldberg 2011
    • Merkaba Sacred Geometry Training, Drunvalo Melchizedek 2011
    • Levine Institute, Fasttrac Business & Marketing New&Growth Venture 2009
    • Thai Yoga Massage, Peter Kaaberbol Kristensen 2009
    • Yoga for Youth, Krishna Kaur 2008
    • Harmonyum Energy Healing, Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry 2007 
    • 3HO International Association, Kundalini Yoga Teacher 2006 
    • Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, Professional Theatre Training 2005 
    • Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Performance 2002 
    • University of London, King’s College English: Text 2002 
    • University of California, Berkeley, BA, English: Dramatic Arts Literature 2001


    Grace loves to travel and commune with Nature. Her joys in the city involves a bicycle flying over bridges and rivers. By the sea, she loves to snorkel and swim with the sea creatures. Music, good company, creative nutritious food, dance and laughter keeps her heart warm wherever she is.


    As crisis often does, Grace was led to Kundalini Yoga through a mysterious illness. Western and Eastern doctors were puzzled; as a last resort, Grace tried Kundalini Yoga. Only after a few classes, she was encouraged to take teacher training to dive deep into transformation. With no intention or desire to be a teacher, Grace embarked on this path to heal herself.


    To her surprise, Grace went on an adventure that was completely unexpected. The deep brooding depression that was born at the age of 9 arose from its depth of her psyche and said goodbye. Her fear of commitment melted like a molten lava when she committed to the consistent practice of devotion and micro commitments. She began to experience the communion with her divine self and miraculous manifestations in her life.


    She deepened her studies of meditation, sacred geometry and hypnosis through traveling to sacred lands like Sedona, Hawaii and Mexico. Miracles of spontaneous career positions, monetary manifestation, unique wellness experiences sprouted in surprising ways.


    She couldn't help but share these tools with others through teaching and private guidance for the past 13 years. Today, she leads group & private experiences to celebrate each individual as the whole of a collective conscious evolution. Here, everyone can experience diversity that allows for expansion and creativity to ignite collective consciousness and celebration. Your natural path to a desired effortless future unfolds. Grace creates a space for beautiful surprises and unity.

  • Corporate Clients

    "Grace's support is a no brainer!" ~ Mercedes Benz

    "We appreciate your help! We benefited from your guidance and information!" ~ Colgate-Palmolive

    "The information and tool Grace offers is invaluable to our caretakers!" ~ American Cancer Society

    "The simple productivity actions have made a deep impact on our daily morale and teamwork!" ~ Cushman & Wakefield

    "Grace's work is not only insightful but fun!" ~ Women's Business Outreach

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