• Corporate Clients

    "Grace's support is a no brainer!" ~ Mercedes Benz

    "We appreciate your help! Your guidance and information was so beneficial!" ~ Colgate-Palmolive

    "The information and tools Grace offers is invaluable to our caretakers!" ~ American Cancer Society

    "Grace has made a deep impact on our daily morale, motivation and teamwork!" ~ Cushman & Wakefield

    "Grace's work is not only insightful but fun and engaging!" ~ Women's Business Outreach

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    What inspires Grace about a company?

    I'm inspired when companies proactively invest in their PEOPLE and their potential, well being, teamwork, and morale.

  • "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

  • Learning & Development Solutions Consultant

    Specializing in transitions and milestones

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    Grace Sangeet Kaur

    "Sangeet Kaur," The lioness who is filled with divine music, bringing harmony to her soul.

    This name was given to Grace to live out the flow of her name.


    Grace has been teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Hypnosis for over 18 years. She helps corporations, entrepreneurs, and creative professionals materialize their goals and purposefully embark on their journey.


    Grace's niche is working with extraordinary people and companies approaching major transitions and milestones. Transitions are ripe with unfamiliar terrain and uncertainties that shake the foundation in one's career, relationship, health or the company's trajectory.


    Grace utilizes evidence based researched tools, narrative medicine, storytelling and mindfulness. She has a deep love for investigating the psychological dimension of being human as an integral and dynamic part of social and cultural life. She is enthusiastically and continually interested in the relation between individual psychology, socio-cultural diversity and storytelling that create the possibility for deeper connection and collaboration in social, environmental, cultural impact.


    Life is full of chaos, pain and suffering. Research reveals that a series of micro overwhelming events, when undischarged, stack and form a body of trauma. This leads to stress, procrastination, depression and self-sabotage.


    Grace loves to investigate and connect the dots in research to alleviate suffering and introduce ease and enthusiasm in this human experience. Through nutrition, meditation, dynamic movements and subconscious discoveries, Grace helps create big impact through small actions. Grace is a co-fouder of SacredGenomics LLC with Dr. Lara Varden. (www.SacredGenomics.com)

  • Grace

    Learning & Development Solutions Consultant

    Personal and Professional Development Consultantations

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    Workshops & Private Sessions

    • 5 Detox Pathways: Strengthen Your Immune System
    • DNA Nutrition: Customize Your Nutrition through Your DNA
    • How Stress Kills: 3 Physiological Ways Your Stress Shortens Your Life
    • 5 Day Cleanse: Food as a Vehicle for Change & Transformation
    • Epigenetics: Clues to Your Genetic and Behavioral Inheritence
    • Death Meditation: Key to Your Fulfillment
    • Mercedes-Benz: Productivity & Personal Fulfillment at the Workplace
    • BOC Women's Business Center: Minimizing Stress in Client Engagement
    • Cushman & Wakefield: Staff Appreciation; Health Initiative
    • Colgate-Palmolive: Stress Reduction & Presentation Prep
    • American Cancer Society: Meditate & Elevate: for Caretakers
    • Women Entrepreneur Group: Gaining Clarity
    • Mastermind Think Tank: Tap into Your Unconscious Genius
    • Bronx Juvenile Detention Center: Yoga & Meditation
    • Soul Healing: Soul fractures from hardships; Gathering the missing pieces.
    • 21 Day Journey: Food and Prosperity
    • 8 Week Online Course: The Ritual of Sleep
    • 8 Week Adventure: Making the Impossible Possible: Removing Subconsciou Blocks
    • Yoga for Productivity: 3 Focus Tools
    • Yoga for Creativity: Opening the Visual Cortex
    • Yoga for the Reproductive System: Healing Relationships & Creativity
    • Meeting Grief: Healing Path Through Death or Break-ups
    • New You: Kundalini Rebirthing
    • New Moon / Full Moon Ceremonies: On Purpose & Intentions
    • Lovers Journey: 8 week healing for marriage/partnership
    • Change Your Story, Change Your Life: 8 Week Writing Transformation
    • SOS Recovery from a Relationship Break-Up: Private Sessions
    • Prosperity Workshop: Set Your Foundation for Success & Abundance
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    Continuing Development & Growth

    • Seventeen years of experience in leading life transformational workshops
    • Business Solutions Consultations
    • Functional Nutrition 2022
    • Dialectical Behavior Therapy Training 2021
    • Vipassana 2017
    • Narative Origin Storytelling 2017
    • Living Foods Hippocrates 2015
    • Bhakti Yoga & Kirtan, Jai Uttal 2014
    • Information Product Development, Eben Pegan, Lou D’Alo 2012
    • Hypnotherapy, Dr. Bruce Goldberg 2011
    • Merkaba Sacred Geometry Training, Drunvalo Melchizedek 2011
    • Levine Institute, Fasttrac Business & Marketing New & Growth Venture 2009
    • Thai Yoga Massage, Peter Kaaberbol Kristensen 2009
    • Yoga for Youth, Krishna Kaur 2008
    • Harmonyum Energy Healing, Gurunam Joseph Michael Levry 2007
    • 3HO International Association, Kundalini Yoga Teacher 2006
    • Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theatre, Professional Theatre Training 2005
    • Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts Performance 2002
    • University of London, King’s College English: Text 2002
    • University of California, Berkeley, BA, English: Dramatic Arts Literature 2001
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    Grace loves to travel and commune with Nature. Her joys in the city involves a bicycle flying over bridges and rivers. By the sea, she loves to snorkel and swim with the water creatures. At home in the sanctuary of a nature preserve, she loves to canoe, swim and hike. Music, good company, creative nutritious food, dance and laughter keeps her heart warm wherever she is.

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    As crisis often does, I was led to Yoga through a mysterious illness. Western and Eastern doctors were puzzled and had no answers; in frustration and in desperation, as a last resort, I tried Kundalini Yoga. I felt better after taking one class even though I wasn't cured. I kept going back and only after a few classes, I was encouraged to take teacher training to dive deep into transformation. I had zero intention or desire to be a teacher, but nevertheless, took up the opportunity to embarked on learning in depth why I felt better doing this crazy wierd yoga.


    To my surprise, I went on a completely unexpected adventure! The deep brooding heavy depression that was born at a very young age after moving to the US lifted. My fear of commitment evaporated as I learned to commit to a consistent devotional meditation practice, growth, learning, communication, friendships and life. I began to experience, discover and birth new resilience and miraculous synchronicities that surprised me again and again. I am humbled by these outrageous events in my life.


    I continue to deepened my studies of meditation, nutrition, and hypnosis through trainings and travels to sacred lands like Sedona, Hawaii and Mexico.


    I couldn't help but share these tools with others through teaching and private guidance for the past 18 years. This would be a great place to tie a neat bow but life is messy and non-linear. As Orson Welles once said, "If you want a happy ending, that depends, of course, on where you stop your story."


    The foundation of my journey allows for spaciousness in the midst of life's unexpected chaos, struggles and deaths. I values practicing research based skillsets and esoteric meditative practices to grow, evolve and transform into my infinite & highest expression. I am able to sit in the face of clients' grief, death, fear, and trauma with compassion and empathy. Clients are acknowledged, seen and heard. Like alchemy, my practice becomes the bridge to an interplay in life - unfolding continually into its highest expression.


    Today, I create a space for beautiful surprises with my clients in discovering the dormant sides of their highest expression, heal frozen trauma and flourish in prosperity. We create miraculous results together through surrender.


  • Potential Energy

    Life is full of chaos, pain and suffering. Research reveals that a series of micro overwhelming events, when undischarged, stack and form a body of trauma. Your nervous system tries to cope with this stress through avoidance, anxiety, and worry. It can look like anxiety attacks, self-sabotage, depression, procrastination etc. Grace's niche is helping clients with their subconscious, identifying generational patterns that block them from results they desire, and help create new integrations that results in change they want and need.

  • Supporting Your Purposeful Adventure

    ISOLATION is fatal to our goals, visions & wishes.

    Harness your creative spirit in solidarity.

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    Fan Wang

    Director Producer

    Working with Grace is a spiritual experience! I'm so touched and the connection is so strong!


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    Cut Chemist

    DJ, Artist, Original member of Jurassic 5 & Ozomatli.

    Empowering! Grace creates a space to focus and go through the hurdles and get it done!

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    Burt Blacharach

    Artist, Educator, Grammy Winner

    Grace is dope! I want this magic to be in my life 24/7!


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    Erika Merklin

    Social Permaculture Food Security Activist

    What you create is an evolutionary process that feels surreal. The work you are doing is making such a big reverberation of consciousness and connection and reception. I appreciate you so much Grace. You are so talented at vibrational tuning. With your help, I saved our community center, received funding and empowered others to action and participation! You are a gift to my life.


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    Tata Umana

    Luxury Brand Ambassador

    Grace is exactly what I needed at the time that I needed! The world needs to know you because you are amazing. Inspirational! That's what you are dear Grace! I am infinitely thankful for your wonderful, fantastic immersion of creativity and connection. It has helped me align clearly in my personal and professional goals. I felt supported in getting the job done! I am so fortunate to have met you!


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    Anna Butler

    Marketing & Advertising Strategist

    I applaud how your program is carefully considered. I'm deeply grateful. Grace has definitely been a beacon of light. Thanks you Grace for being a facilitator of this magic. .

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    Reina Salas

    Co-Founder of La Plume

    OMG. I was able to stretch how I share myself with the world. I feel all the possibilities instead of limitations. Grace helped me to keep going, take risks, be creative and grow!

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    Vicky Salim

    Yin Yoga Teacher

    Grace, you are so skilled and talented as you bring people together to make magic happen!!! I’m so grateful for you and all the meaningful creations you are a part of!

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  • Alan Watts

    Waking up to who you are

    requires letting go

    of who you imagine yourself to be.