• "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

  • Potential Energy

    Life is full of chaos, pain and suffering. Research reveals that a series of micro overwhelming events, when undischarged, stack and form a body of trauma. Your nervous systme tries to cope with this stress through avoidance, anxiety, and worry. It can look like anxiety attacks, self-sabotage, depression, procrastination etc. Grace's niche is helping clients with their subconscious, identifying generational patterns, and help create new integrations that transforms your life.


    Unleash Your Wizard

    Activate Your Endocrine System & Awaken Your DNA


    Develop New Abilities

    Your problems become catalysts and propels you to new solutions. It opens up opportunities to experience new levels of creativity, access your higher forces, and uncover hidden unexpected power.

    Nature of Life is messy, unpredictable and uncertain.

    Due to the unpredictability and uncertainty of life, we may trigger trauma responses of panic, negativity, overwhelm, avoidance and self sabotage. Through hypnosis, you can invite relief to work through the pain with pleasure and insights.

  • Purpose

    My purpose is provide successful creative professionals, aka WIZARDS, to hone deeper into your unexpected new abilities, express yourself more confidently, experience levels of creativity like never before and impact the world around you. I help birth creative wizards to develop potential you never knew you had. I help awaken your higher forces and have access to these forces every day and generate them at will. We dive into your hidden expected power and pave the path that seem impossible. We tap into and discover your courage and resourcefulness.

  • Alan Watts

    Waking up to who you are

    requires letting go

    of who you imagine yourself to be.

  • Masters

    Grace works with masters of their field. This includes professional writers, directors, producers, actors, musicians, corporate executives and more. Clients are acknowledged, seen and heard in ways they can't see themselves. Grace is a catalyst who bridges the alchemy of life's potential into your highest expression. We are not meant to suffer or struggle alone. With Grace's support, unfamiliar and uncertain terrain becomes a meaningful adventure.

  • Supporting Your Purposeful Adventure

    ISOLATION is fatal to our goals, visions & wishes.

    Harness your creative spirit in solidarity.

    Fan Wang

    Director Producer

    Working with Grace is a spiritual experience! I'm so touched and the connection is so strong!


    Cut Chemist

    DJ, Artist, Original member of Jurassic 5 & Ozomatli.

    Empowering! Grace creates a space to focus and go through the hurdles and get it done!

    Burt Blacharach

    Artist, Educator, Grammy Winner

    Grace is dope! I want this magic to be in my life 24/7!


    Erika Merklin

    Social Permaculture Food Security Activist

    What you create is an evolutionary process that feels surreal. The work you are doing is making such a big reverberation of consciousness and connection and reception. I appreciate you so much Grace. You are so talented at vibrational tuning. With your help, I saved our community center, received funding and empowered others to action and participation! You are a gift to my life.


    Tata Umana

    Luxury Brand Ambassador

    Grace is exactly what I needed at the time that I needed! The world needs to know you because you are amazing. Inspirational! That's what you are dear Grace! I am infinitely thankful for your wonderful, fantastic immersion of creativity and connection. It has helped me align clearly in my personal and professional goals. I felt supported in getting the job done! I am so fortunate to have met you!


    Anna Butler

    Marketing & Advertising Strategist

    I applaud how your program is carefully considered. I'm deeply grateful. Grace has definitely been a beacon of light. Thanks you Grace for being a facilitator of this magic. .

    Reina Salas

    Co-Founder of La Plume

    OMG. I was able to stretch how I share myself with the world. I feel all the possibilities instead of limitations. Grace helped me to keep going, take risks, be creative and grow!

    Vicky Salim

    Yin Yoga Teacher

    Grace, you are so skilled and talented as you bring people together to make magic happen!!! I’m so grateful for you and all the meaningful creations you are a part of!