Inspiration, Camaraderie, Mental & Physical Wellbeing


  • 2020!!!


    In this global pandemic of destruction, your challenges will reveal your new beginnings.

    Shadows of the past, unprocessed emotions and

    undigested losses may paradoxically lead the way to benevolent new beginnings.

    You can use one of the most difficult times in our global history to help you catapult your opportunities & growth.

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    Providing the structure you crave.

    Connecting and supporting each other's mental wellness in adversity.

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    Choose Your Transformational Project

    Maximizing productivity

    Improve the quality of your work

    Deepen your focus

  • Supporting Your Purposeful Adventure

    ISOLATION is fatal to our goals, visions & wishes.

    Harnessing your creative spirit in solidarity.

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    Fan Wang

    Director Producer

    This is more than just co-working. This is a spiritual experience!


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    Cut Chemist

    DJ, Artist, Original member of Jurassic 5 & Ozomatli.

    Empowering! The virtual co-working space allotted time to focus and go through the hurdles and get it done!

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    Burt Blacharach

    Artist, Educator, Grammy Winner

    This is dope! I got so much shit done! I want this to be in my life 24/7!


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    Vicky Salim

    Yin Yoga Teacher

    Grace, you are so skilled and talented as you bring people together to make magic happen!!! I’m so grateful for you and all the meaningful creations you are a part of!

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    Erika Merklin

    Social Permaculture Food Security Activist

    This co-working is an evolutionary process that feels surreal. The work you are doing is making such a big reverberation of consciousness and connection and reception. I appreciate you so much. You are so talented at vibrational tuning. You are a gift to my life.


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    Anna Butler

    Marketing & Advertising Strategist

    I applaud how the program is carefully considered. I'm deeply grateful. This has definitely been a beacon of light during this COVID-19 storm. Thanks you Grace for being a facilitator of this magic. Having accountability to the group was just what I needed during this time. Movement is KEY. Human connection is the BEST inspiration.

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    Reina Salas

    Senior Photo Retoucher /

    Corporate Retouching Development Consultant

    OMG. 4 weeks! That went so fast! I was able to stretch how I share myself with the world through these co-working sessions. Being accountable, sharing, & making new friends while we all grow together. I feel all the possibilities instead of limitations during this time. Collective energy helped keep me going, take risks, be creative and grow! 

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    Tata Umana

    Luxury Brand Ambassador

    This is exactly what I needed at the time that I needed it! The world needs to know you because you are amazing. Inspirational! That's what you are dear Grace! I am infinitely thankful for this wonderful, fantastic immersion of creativity and connection. It has helped me align clearly in my personal and professional goals. I felt supported in getting the job done! I am so fortunate to have met you!


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    Your Host

    Grace offers corporate and executive coaching and group collective transformation trainings at organizations like American Cancer Society, Bronx Juvenile Detention Center, and New York Corporations. She implements storytelling, researched activities and yogic sciences to facilitate profound inner and outer shifts in individuals.


    Grace is the founder of the Purposeful Lifestyle Design, intended to provide a safe incubator to restore, reflect and enjoy your visionary life. Through yoga, meditation and evidence based mindfulness tools, one can maneuver through life transitions with full support.


    Grace has been teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Hypnosis for over 14 years. She helps guide entrepreneurs and creatives materialize their goals by helping release their subconscious resistance and experience effortless ease in times of transition.

  • Corporate Clients

    "Grace's support is a no brainer!" ~ Mercedes Benz

    "We appreciate your help! We benefited from your guidance and information!" ~ Colgate-Palmolive

    "The information and tool Grace offers is invaluable to our caretakers!" ~ American Cancer Society

    "The simple productivity actions have made a deep impact on our daily morale and teamwork!" ~ Cushman & Wakefield

    "Grace's work is not only insightful but fun!" ~ Women's Business Outreach

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  • Q & A

    What is virtual co-working & where does it take place?

    Our Co-Working Space Comes to You!

    Participants gather online at the same hour with one purpose to dive deeply into taking action in their solo transformational project.

    When does it take place?

    EVERY Wednesdays through Fridays at 2:30PM PST/5:30PM EST.

    It will take place online on ZOOM.

    How do I get my company to sponsor this for our teams?

    You can simply ask the Director of your Learning & Development Team or Director of HR to email Grace@PurposefulYear.

    1. We will discuss and discover the needs of the company.
    2. We create a customized virtual co-working plan to produce a desired result.
    3. We get started!

    Why Virtual Co-Working?

    This is intended to provide the structure you may be craving during quarantine. Virtual co-working space is designed to empower, support and create conscious honest uplifting memories during the world wide narrative of fear, helplessness, powerlessness from COVID-19.


    The participants have an opportunity to weave a more rounded narrative in this experience and connect and be cheerleaders for one another in adversity of panic, anxiety and worry.

  • What does a Session Look Like?

    Recognize your Opportunities

    Focus & Flourish

    1. Introduction

    We introduce a theme for the week.

    Then we identify & name any resistance and obstacles.

    We move and unblock these obstacles.

    2. We begin

    We begin by energizing the body and calming the mind.

    We target to boost your immune system through simple movements.

    We activate your frontal lobe through a centering meditation.

    3. Intention & Attention

    Next, we state our intentions, activate possibilities and dive in.

    First work round: 25 minutes: dive into work that will make the biggest impact in your life.

    We utilize the Pomodoro Technique, working with 25 minute intervals.

    4. Break

    Observation, contemplation, awareness

    5 minute writing prompt:

    Carefully considered writing prompts guide you to clarity

    Reflection & story as a path to self awareness

    5. Focus & Flourish

    Second work round: 25 minutes: dive into a pleasurable activity or creative project or continue on with your work.

    (Pleasurable activities may include: learning the ukulele, writing, reading or dancing etc.)


    Lastly, we re-convene and share our celebrations.

    ENLIGHTENMENT through the practice of small actions with big consequences. We solve big problems with small actions. What's the smallest action I can take right now. Little bite size steps create many successes to celebrate.

  • Why do we meditate and activate the frontal lobe?

    During COVID-19, our emotions may be riding on a roller coaster ride of panic, anxiety and worry.

    Narrative of fear and beliefs of helplessness and powerlessness trigger our fight or flight response.
    Our body cannot focus on problems and solutions simultaneously.

    Activating the frontal lobe and soothing the nervous system is like activating the 'control panel' of our memory, language, judgement, sexual behaviors, problem solving, emotional expression, cognitive skills and primary motor functions.

  • 3 Day RuleIgnite Your Purpose

    If you want to break a habit, stop doing it for three days straight.If you want to continue a positive habit, make sure you don’t skip it for three days straight.If you let it lapse it’s hard to start again.



    A trigger tells your brain to go into automatic mode, and which habit to use.



    This is the behavior itself - an emotional, mental or physical behavior that follows the cue.



    A positive stimulus which helps your brain figure out if this particular loop is worth remembering for the future. Motivation for the behavior.


    Duke University in 2006 found that more than 40% of our daily actions are not actual decisions; they are habits.

    The intention is to introduce to our body, the experience of cue, routine and reward three days in a row.

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  • Transformative Co-Working

    Accountability Step by Step

    Your Vision Into Bite Size Inspired Actions.

    ENLIGHTENMENT through the practice of launching your passion.

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