• Private Sessions

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    Your 2020 Purpose

    Do you need to get clear on your purposeful new year?

    We dive into your desires and dive into a simple impactful powerful year you haven't even imagined yet.


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    Soul Mending

    Life's hardships can fracture the soul or even lose pieces of itself. This damage can result in loss of energy, life force or will. With soul damage, you are vulnerable. In the private session, we gather those pieces together.

    Next step is addressing your injured, broken heart.

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    Healing Grief

    When the death of a loved one immobilizes you,

    it can feel daunting.

    Process and understand your grief through healing

    and connecting again with your loved one.

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    Give the gift of connection and communication to your family.

    Learn to listen and answer through specific love language tools to be heard, seen and acknowledged.


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    Divorce/Break-Up SOS

    SOS Recovery from a divorce/break-up.

    Soothe the initial shock and trauma from the break-up. Then we dive deeper to alleviate depression towards healing deeper childhood scars and needs to be whole 


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    Passion Project

    Focus on a Project

    Open up opportunities towards finishing the project




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    Sense of Completion from a Loss

    When you find yourself unable to accept an event in your life and need to feel a sense of completion, we dive into the impermanence and change of the situation to bring forth a sense of a full complete journey.

    Examples: Loss of home, job, relationship, death

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    For Lovers & Partners

    Learn meditations that dissolve anger, create connection and deepen your communication. Re-kindle your love or prepare to embark on your marriage/partnership.


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    Career Transition

    Create an opening for opportunities, abundance and break unwanted patterns.



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    Birthday Jumpstart

    Change Your Story, Change Your Life

    Start your birth year by letting go of your looping stories. Making the Impossible Possible. Make Your SHIFT - Remove the Blocks in your Subconscious.

  • Three Rules of Work: Out of clutter find simplicity.
    From discord find harmony.
    In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.


  • Supporting Your Purposeful Adventure

    ISOLATION is fatal to our goals, visions & wishes.

    Harnessing your creative spirit in solidarity.

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    Fan Wang

    Director Producer

    Working with Grace is a spiritual experience!


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    Cut Chemist

    DJ, Artist, Original member of Jurassic 5 & Ozomatli.

    Empowering! Grace creates a virtual space with allotted time to focus and go through the hurdles and get it done!

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    Burt Blacharach

    Artist, Educator, Grammy Winner

    This is dope! I got so much shit done! I want this to be in my life 24/7!


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    Vicky Salim

    Yin Yoga Teacher

    Grace, you are so skilled and talented as you bring people together to make magic happen!!! I’m so grateful for you and all the meaningful creations you are a part of!

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    Erika Merklin

    Social Permaculture Food Security Activist

    What you create is an evolutionary process that feels surreal. The work you are doing is making such a big reverberation of consciousness and connection and reception. I appreciate you so much Grace. You are so talented at vibrational tuning. With your help, I saved our community center, received funding and empowered others to action and participation! You are a gift to my life.


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    Anna Butler

    Marketing & Advertising Strategist

    I applaud how the program is carefully considered. I'm deeply grateful. This has definitely been a beacon of light during this COVID-19 storm. Thanks you Grace for being a facilitator of this magic. Having accountability to the group was just what I needed during this time. Movement is KEY. Human connection is the BEST inspiration.

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    Reina Salas

    Corporate Retouching Development Consultant

    OMG. I was able to stretch how I share myself with the world through these sessions. Being accountable, sharing, & making new friends while we all grow together. I feel all the possibilities instead of limitations during this time. Collective energy helped keep me going, take risks, be creative and grow!



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    Tata Umana

    Luxury Brand Ambassador

    This is exactly what I needed at the time that I needed it! The world needs to know you because you are amazing. Inspirational! That's what you are dear Grace! I am infinitely thankful for this wonderful, fantastic immersion of creativity and connection. It has helped me align clearly in my personal and professional goals. I felt supported in getting the job done! I am so fortunate to have met you!


  • Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!

    I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand."


  • What to Expect

    • 2 Hour Online Workshop. 
    • Detailed carefully designed writing prompts to reveal your life patterns and vision.
    • Pituitary & pineal subconscious activation meditations.
    • 3 KEY Principles to starting a fulfilling goal, a new chapter with integrity.
    • Introduction to "Your Year simplified: 52 week Challenge."  The 'sincere and honest development of one’s potential' through the vehicle of a goal.
    • 52 Gift Economy Challenge: social, cultural and spiritual; Your Ideas & Experiences
    • This workshop will help you make decisions & commitments.
    • What makes you feel safe?  What is your sanctuary? Who are your supportive players?  Resources?
    • What do you reject in yourself?  

    Guideline: Show up on time with a journal and pen in a distraction free environment.

    Where: In the comfort of your own home.

    Online: Set up a devotional space clear of distractions ready for writing and meditation.

    When you submit your name and email address, you will receive a ZOOM link for the workshop.

    Awaken your enthusiasm and get heart centered


    Dates & Times:

    Option 1 Friday, January 10th

    Option 2 Saturday, January 11th 4PM EST/1PM PST FREE Online Workshop

  • Secrets to anchoring new habits: Rituals & Rewards



    Discover Your 52 Week Challenge

  • By referral and invitation only.