• Private Sessions

    Your 2020 Purpose

    Do you need to get clear on your purposeful new year?

    We dive into your desires and dive into a simple impactful powerful year you haven't even imagined yet.


    Soul Mending

    Life's hardships can fracture the soul or even lose pieces of itself. This damage can result in loss of energy, life force or will. With soul damage, you are vulnerable. In the private session, we gather those pieces together.

    Next step is addressing your injured, broken heart.

    Healing Grief

    When the death of a loved one immobilizes you,

    it can feel daunting.

    Process and understand your grief through healing

    and connecting again with your loved one.


    Give the gift of connection and communication to your family.

    Learn to listen and answer through specific love language tools to be heard, seen and acknowledged.


    Divorce/Break-Up SOS

    SOS Recovery from a divorce/break-up.

    Soothe the initial shock and trauma from the break-up. Then we dive deeper to alleviate depression towards healing deeper childhood scars and needs to be whole 


    Passion Project

    Focus on a Project

    Open up opportunities towards finishing the project




    Sense of Completion from a Loss

    When you find yourself unable to accept an event in your life and need to feel a sense of completion, we dive into the impermanence and change of the situation to bring forth a sense of a full complete journey.

    Examples: Loss of home, job, relationship, death

    For Lovers & Partners

    Learn meditations that dissolve anger, create connection and deepen your communication. Re-kindle your love or prepare to embark on your marriage/partnership.


    Career Transition

    Create an opening for opportunities, abundance and break unwanted patterns.



    Birthday Jumpstart

    Change Your Story, Change Your Life

    Start your birth year by letting go of your looping stories. Making the Impossible Possible. Make Your SHIFT - Remove the Blocks in your Subconscious.

  • How to reserve a PRIVATE SESSION

    1st Session is 2-3 hours



    Send an inquiry below.



    You will receive a reply and possible session dates & times within 24-48 hours



    Day of: Do some form of exercise before arrival, eat 2 hours prior to session & no caffeine.

  • Testimonials

    Supporting your purposeful shift



    I felt stuck and unable to relax deeply. Grace helped me find deep relaxation through the hypnosis session. She also helped me envision a life with components that I did not realize had been missing. Ever since our session, those components seem to enter my existence without me having to search. Now I feel fulfillment even during times that would have previously felt difficult. This is because I know I am working toward my purpose, and that those actions are supported by the powers of our collective higher consciousness, encouraging us to be kind, to help, to connect with our earth and the other beings with which we share it. The unknown feels exciting and the moments revelatory.



    Grace is consistently and endlessly inspiring. Her talent and gifts of ever-expanding breadth of knowledge in her fields of expertise is remarkable. If I could coin a term to describe her it would be: PolyCreativeCrossPolinator. She is pure joy and a force that powers forward.


    Grace guided me on a journey that unveiled deeply rooted obstacles which had for decades blocked me from achieving my dreams. She adjusted my perception and assigned a simple and manageable plan of action that is already leading directly to the manifestation of my desires. The path ahead never before appeared so clear to me.



    Working with Grace has been a godsend. She has helped me break through emotional blocks that I have been struggling with for years. Before, I felt like I was banging my head against a wall, trying to fix things. Not only did Grace make the work effortless, she did it with grace, warmth, and kindness. I learned so much about releasing my stuff – the blocks that were leading me to self-sabotage, that were holding me back in my career and my personal life. She has a real gift, and I highly recommend working with her.

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