• One DayUrban MASTERMIND Retreat

    Sunday, April 22nd 10AM-6PM

  • Isolation is Not Our Destiny

  • Collaboration

    Strength of the Collective



  • One DayUrban MASTERMIND Retreat

    High Vibrational Conscious NETWORKING Event

    What to Wear

    Come dressed as uniquely you with comfort for sitting and playful movement

    When to Arrive

    Arrive by 10AM

    What to Expect

    • Pituitary & Pineal Activation via Kundalini Yoga Kriya/Meditation
    • Sound Meditation to tap into your subconscious ready to mingle with your brilliant self
    • Dance to music & drumming to awaken your enthusiasm and get heart centered
    • Ancestral Storytelling to invoke your strength and release karmic patterns
    • How do you challenge the status quo beyond boundaries, explore your idea in a new or different way and take risks?

    • Gift Economy: Increase your social, cultural and spiritual capital.

    • Mastermind brainstorming interaction
    • Combination of single "Hot Seat" and playful element of "Art Battle Style," where multiple entrepreneurs get feedback simultaneously

    • Leverage Your Ideas & Experiences

    • Pre-register to come prepared and play!


    The Assemblage: World's first co-working biophilia space crowdsourced and funded by its members

    Nourishing Lunch

    Ayurvedic lunch is available for purchase at the first floor cafe

  • Your Next Step


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    Arrive & Enjoy

  • Schedule

    Morning: Unlock Your Dormant Potential

    We start the day by activating your creative genius through your pineal and pituitary glands through Kundalini Yoga Kriya and Meditation. We awaken your individual/collective subconscious and pave the way to access your clear divine consciousness as we gather and assemble together. We get clear on WHY you joined the Assemblage and dive into your vision of growth in this community. The Assemblage's Principle #1: Go Higher.

    Post Lunch: Writing and Storytelling

    Next, we explore through writing and storytelling exercises designed to unveil your inherited patterns and unlock your dormant potential to thrive. Through specifically designed acts of sharing and listening, we activate and awaken contribution and purpose. You will feel seen and heard. We start with creating micro social change. The Assemblage's Principle #2: Be of Service.

    Post Tea Break: Gift Economy & Inter-Play of Brilliant Minds

    We activate our gift economy by making positive impact with our immediate community at this MASTERMIND. The inter-play of your brilliant minds will offer up acts of generosity and kindness. We open dialogue for possibilities, expose blockages/needs and solutions. We plant our seeds of intention and commit to watering and nurturing it through accountability. The Assemblage's Principle #3: Do Well by Doing Good.


    The ecosystem of high vibrational creative energy of The Assemblage is optimal for individual and collective momentum. Through the Mastermind, our intention is to ignite your collaborative and collective imagination and expose knowledge that expands the realm of your possibilities. We will create a comprehensive system of assembling once a month for 6 months to execute your short and long term goals in your professional transformational growth. Delve Deeper through grounding your commitment and expanding your consciousness through the One Day Urban Mastermind Retreat. We will apply the Assemblage’s principles into action. ‘Go Higher, Be of Service, and Do Well By Doing Good.’

  • Rules of Impact

    Biophilia*Frontier Science

    Unlocking Consciousness*Crowd Sourcing * Crowd Funding

    Inspired Creativity* Living Environments*Refueled Resources

    Digital Inclusion * Engineered Environments*Augmented Humanity

  • Move Beyond the Torment of Change, Doubt & Fear

    We are More Than the Sum of our Daily Obligations and Duties

  • The need for connection to nature, the need to love, play and create, the need to know and be known –

    none can be satisfied by buying more things. We are attempting to satisfy our need for the infinite through an accumulation of more and more of the finite. It is like trying to build a tower to heaven.”

    Sacred Economics

    Charles Eisenstein

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    $97 VENMO to Grace@PurposefulYear.Com

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