Why ART?

First, art is a statement. It offers you a voice.

Second, art is a magnet that draws like hearted people together. It connects us closer and often stirs a long lasting impact.

Third, art is a medium in transference from inspiration to reality. [PR and marketing is about this transference but the mode may trigger dread, anxiety and doubt.]

Dr. Maria Nemeth explains in her book The Energy of Money, “When you begin to move an idea from the metaphysical realm into physical reality, you must cross the border between these two very different worlds. And at the border, the inspiration and fun of the original idea encounters the energy requirement of physical reality.” “Sometimes, encountering the border between metaphysical and physical reality is a real shock. Energy in the physical realm is extremely dense. It is a dramatic change from the fluid, loose, free-floating energy of the metaphysical realm. This change in density can be quite dramatic, as though you’d been standing on the shore of a beach, enjoying the sunshine, and were suddenly hit with a wall of ice-cold water…”

“…Whenever you bring a creative idea to the border between metaphysical and physical reality, you will experience this energy shift.”

When we are passing this threshold, as we often use in marketing and PR, often, the pressures outweigh the fun. Often, hesitancy, uncertainty, doubt, and fear may arise.

To address this very essence of difficulty in passing thought the portal, we take out the equation of perfection.

Fouth, art encompasses imperfections, messiness, exploration. It gives us the permission to paint outside the lines and helps us innovate.

PR & Marketing requires the transference from thought to reality.

Fifth, art is the language of spirit and emotions.

As billions of dollars of research has proven in marketing, people don't buy from logics and reason, people buy through unconscious driven emotions. Art is not a language of logics and reason but a ____.

Lastly, the alchemy of art combined with purpose is powerfully satisfying.

As Seth Godin says, "All innovation is failing, failing and failing until the next thing that works." "There is no shipwreck free journey."

So we make ART together.

Being vulnerable together is less painful. Vulnerability together can inspire. Being vulnerable [Failing] together can spark ideas and we gain momentum. Movements and revolutions are born out of this.


You are prepared.

We never feel ready.

So we start together because we need each other.

Marketing and PR becomes a natural course of action when you personify purposeful art to construct your foundation, social campaign and movement.

We offer a "21 Day Challenge" to embark on this journey together.

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