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    Your Purposeful Year Host

    Grace offers corporate and executive coaching and group collective transformation trainings at organizations like American Cancer Society, Bronx Juvenile Detention Center, and New York Corporations. She implements storytelling, researched activities and yogic sciences to facilitate profound inner and outer shifts in individuals. She helps guide entrepreneurs and creatives materialize their goals by helping release their subconscious resistance.

    Elizabeth Cardiello

    Caffeunimatic / Legacy Out Loud

    Liz is the creator of the methodology that is building the next generation of confident young women leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers. Launched at the UN's celebration of Women's Entrepreneurship Day in 2015, this organization has already transformed the lives of girls around the country and been recognized by

    a TEDx Talk called The Most Powerful Question You Never Considered.

    Kayleigh Vogel

    Positive Psychology & Mindfulness Meditation

    Kayleigh draws on scientifically proven methods from positive psychology, neuroscience, integrative medicine, nutrition, and the contemplative and yogic traditions to address the entirety of the human person—physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

    Courtney Clifford

    Executive Coach

    Courtney is a facilitator, coach, kundalini yoga & meditation teacher. She is the founder of TRUE, a transformative experiential development company that generates increased inner awareness through a blend of yogic science, practical energetic philosophy and techniques.

    Ruth O'tero

    Project Manager / Storyteller

    Ruth guides clients through their project with meaningful storytelling. She holds space for their stories to unfold and she becomes an invaluable collaborator, mid-wife guiding the client through their journey to find and express the unique story that only they can tell.


    Acupuncturist / Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer

    Amanbir Singh created Authentic Harmony to celebrate, practice and teach healing as a natural yet forgotten occurrence in every human being. Dedication towards one’s health through eastern medicine is built in a core of Amanbir's approach to human body, mind and soul.

    Nikolaos Koutoupis

    Executive Coach

    As an executive life coach, Niko combines coaching with proven positive psychology tools to help you flourish at both your work and life.

    Dr. Mary Elizabeth Agnes

    General Practitioner/psychiatrist

    Psychiatrist MD

    Dr. David Djebali

    General Practitioner

    Dr. David Djebali practiced medicine and nutrition in Paris, France and moved to New York City to practice internal medicine at St Luke’s Roosevelt/Columbia Presbyterian. David serves as a nephrologist in Manhattan and as house doctor in the health clinic at a Wall Street investment bank. As a house doctor, he treated vast array of ailments among 10,000 employees and coaches patients about lifestyle for optimal health. Dr. David meditates every day and practices yoga weekly and leads meditation programs for his colleagues.

    Dr. Steven Radowitz

    Internal Medicine

    Dr. Steven Radowitz began his career treating HIV patients in the AIDS units in the 90s, in both the inner cities of Chicago and New York. He acted as medical director of an alcohol and heroin detox program in the inner city of New York. Over the last ten years, Steven has run a private practice in Manhattan while acting as the dedicated primary care doctor at a Wall Street investment bank.
    Steven started his spiritual journey over ten years ago learning the wisdom and practices of Yoga, Meditation and Kabbalah.

  • 8 Week Online Workshop:

    2019 for Change

    Sunday, Feb. 10th 9AM-3PM

  • One Day ONLINE Workshop:

    2019 for Change

    Purpose is NOW

    February 10th 9am-3pm SUNDAY​

    What to Wear

    Come dressed as uniquely you for sitting and playful movement in the comfort of your own home with your computer & have a working headset ready.

    When to Arrive

    Arrive 5-10 minutes before 9AM. It will take couple minutes to download the ZOOM app.

    What to Expect

    • Pituitary & Pineal Activation via Kundalini Yoga Kriya/Meditation
    • Meditation to tap into your subconscious ready to mingle with your brilliant self
    • Dance and awaken your enthusiasm and get heart centered
    • Storytelling to invoke your strength and release karmic patterns
    • How do you challenge the status quo beyond boundaries, explore your idea in a new or different way and take risks?

    • Gift Economy: Increase your social, cultural and spiritual capital.

    • Mastermind brainstorming interaction
    • Leverage Your Ideas & Experiences

    • Come prepared and play!


    Online: Set up a devotional space clear of distractions ready for movement, writing and meditation.

    Nourishing Lunch & Tea

    Prepare beverages and a simple lunch readily available to you on the day of the workshop.

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  • Schedule

    February 10th 9am-3pm SUNDAY

    Morning: 9AM Unlock Your Dormant Potential

    We start the day by activating your creative genius through your pineal and pituitary glands through Kundalini Yoga Kriya and Meditation. We awaken your individual/collective subconscious and pave the way to access your clear divine consciousness as we gather and assemble together online. We get clear on WHY you joined and dive into your vision of growth in this community. Purposeful Principle #1: Unlock Your Gates [Led by Amanbir & Grace]

    Morning: Change Your Story, Change Your Life - Writing and Storytelling

    Next, we explore through writing and storytelling exercises designed to unveil your inherited patterns and unlock your dormant potential to thrive. Through specifically designed acts of sharing and listening, we activate and awaken contribution and purpose. You will feel seen and heard. Purposeful Principle #2: Shift Your Perspective. [Led by Ruthy]

    Tea Break: Gift Economy & Inter-Play of Brilliant Minds

    We activate our gift economy by making positive impact with our immediate community at this MASTERMIND. The inter-play of your brilliant minds will offer up acts of generosity and kindness. We open dialogue for possibilities, expose blockages/needs and solutions. We plant our seeds of intention and commit to watering and nurturing it through accountability. Purposeful Principle #3: Devotional Service [Led by Liz: Brave conversations over coffee & Kayleigh: Mindfulness Meditation]

    Post Lunch Break: Intention / Focus & Flourish / Take a Leap!

    The ecosystem of high vibrational creative energy of the community is optimal for individual and collective momentum. Through the group, our intention is to ignite your collaborative and collective imagination and expose knowledge that expands the realm of your possibilities. We will create a comprehensive system of assembling once a month for 6 months to execute your short and long term goals in your mind, body, professional transformational growth. Delve Deeper through grounding your commitment and expanding your consciousness through the One Day Online 2019 for Change Event. [Led by Grace, Courtney, Niko, Dr. David & Dr. Steven]

  • The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. Dan Millman

    Awareness is the greatest agent for change. Eckhart Tolle



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    One Day Workshop

    Jumpstart with an exceptional workshop, led by the extraordinary guides to support you set your foundation & direction for 2019.

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  • Alan Watts

    Waking up to who you are

    requires letting go

    of who you imagine yourself to be.

  • Albert Einstein

    Will 2019 Be Different?

    "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

  • Your Host

    Grace is the founder of the Purposeful.co, designed to provide a safe incubator to restore, reflect and intend your visionary life. Here, one can engage and reflect on one's feelings and emotions including those in your subconscious through yoga, meditation and evidence based mindfulness tools.


    Grace has been teaching and practicing Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, and Hypnosis for over 13 years. She helps guide entrepreneurs and creatives materialize their goals by helping release their subconscious resistance and experience effortless ease.


    Grace offers corporate and executive coaching and group collective transformation trainings at organizations like American Cancer Society, Bronx Juvenile Detention Center, and New York Corporations. She implements storytelling, researched activities and yogic sciences to facilitate profound inner and outer shifts in individuals.

  • Testimonials

    Supporting your purposeful shift



    I felt stuck and unable to relax deeply. Grace helped me find deep relaxation through the hypnosis session. She also helped me envision a life with components that I did not realize had been missing. Ever since our session, those components seem to enter my existence without me having to search. Now I feel fulfillment even during times that would have previously felt difficult. This is because I know I am working toward my purpose, and that those actions are supported by the powers of our collective higher consciousness, encouraging us to be kind, to help, to connect with our earth and the other beings with which we share it. The unknown feels exciting and the moments revelatory.



    Grace is consistently and endlessly inspiring. Her talent and gifts of ever-expanding breadth of knowledge in her fields of expertise is remarkable. If I could coin a term to describe her it would be: PolyCreativeCrossPolinator. She is pure joy and a force that powers forward.


    Grace guided me on a journey that unveiled deeply rooted obstacles which had for decades blocked me from achieving my dreams. She adjusted my perception and assigned a simple and manageable plan of action that is already leading directly to the manifestation of my desires. The path ahead never before appeared so clear to me.



    Working with Grace has been a godsend. She has helped me break through emotional blocks that I have been struggling with for years. Before, I felt like I was banging my head against a wall, trying to fix things. Not only did Grace make the work effortless, she did it with grace, warmth, and kindness. I learned so much about releasing my stuff – the blocks that were leading me to self-sabotage, that were holding me back in my career and my personal life. She has a real gift, and I highly recommend working with her.

  • Collaboration:

    Strength of the Collective

  • ISOLATION is FATAL to our

    Goals, Dreams & Wishes

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