• 2020

    A New Year &

    A Fresh Direction to

    Your Purposeful Year 

    ~ 52 Week Challenge ~

    Creating A Map To Your Future

  • OMG 2020,

    Welcome to the 3rd Decade of the Millennium!


    In This Global Pandemic of Destruction, Your endings will reveal your new beginnings.

    Shadows of the past, unprocessed emotions and

    undigested losses can open blessed, benevolent auspicious new beginnings.


    Purposefully designed writing prompts and meditations will help you identify what toxic patterns or blind spots

    lurk beneath the surface and what opportunities are ripening.


    What are your auspicious endings, benevolent completions and blessed new beginnings?

  • To set your foundation for the next decade,

    with new life experiences on the horizon,

    save your spot below.

    Come join us with a journal and pen.

    ISOLATION is fatal to our goals, dreams & wishes.

  • What to Expect

    • 1.5 Hour Online Workshop. 
    • Pituitary & pineal activation meditations to awaken your higher self.
    • Purposefully designed writing prompts to reveal your life patterns and heart's VISION.
    • Learn 3 KEY Principles to starting a fulfilling goal, a new chapter with integrity.
    • Introduction to "FOCUS & FLOURISH: A 52-week Challenge," a vehicle to empower you to take 52 SIMPLE actions towards your goal. 
    • This workshop will ignite you to make decisions & commitments.

    Guideline: Join us on time with a journal and pen in a distraction free environment.

    Where: Online in the comfort of your home

    When you submit your name and email address, you will receive a ZOOM link for the workshop.

    Please set up a devotional space clear of distractions ready for writing, meditating and awakening your enthusiasm to flourish in 2020.

    Date & Time:

    This Online Workshop is a Gift





  • What happens in the 52 Week Challenge?

    You will be guided to choose 1-3 purposeful goals for 2020 around your career, relationship or health.

    Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity! I say, let your affairs be as two or three, and not a hundred or a thousand." ~Henry David Thoreau

    The 52 Week Challenge acknowledge that multi-tasking is inevitable in modern life. Once a week, you will harness the power of our focus by activating your pineal and pituitary glands to accessing your inner genius. We will support your transition from multi-tasking to mono-tasking.


    FOCUS & FLOURISH: Each week, we'll dive deep into 2.5 hours of group focus productivity sessions.


    These peer-to-peer collaborations bring together members who are committed to helping each other achieve success,

    solve problems and encourage each other.


    To encourage your commitment to success, we offer a distraction free space with 'work sprints' to support your momentum in taking action on your goals. Your Purposeful Year is simplified into 52 manageable weekly sessions.


    With the community's support, cheerleading and accountability, it's almost impossible to avoid making progress. Dance with liberation, fulfillment and collaboration towards your goals instead of trudging and grinding towards them.

    This Program is for You If...

    you have yearned for a steady, consist support and accountability in a dynamic group.

    If you want to experience success on a consistent basis.

    If you want to hone, polish, and sharpen your success cellular memory in your body and subconscious.


    If you read any biography of an extraordinary success story, there is a steady cheerleader in their lives.


    “Creativity happens when you work independently,” she says, echoing our finding that insight comes from not having distractions. “Individuals are really good at generating a whole lot of ideas, while groups are good at selecting, shaping, and refining those ideas.” Kellogg School of Management professor Leigh Thompson (People have work styles that range from an independent to an interdependent orientation) Multi-tasking does not equal productivity.

    When & Where:

    We will be meeting online every week. Meetings will be held on Zoom Meetings. This is done remotely so whereever you are, you will be connected as long as you have wifi or a phone.(There is an interview process if you would like to join.)

  • Multitasking to meet the professional and personal demands of modern life has become deeply ingrained in us.

    Attempting to juggle too many tasks can jeopardize our success. The confluence of these demands creates a dynamic where multitasking is expected. Diffused focus, competing goals and multiple tasks is a recipe for failure.
    There is a better way.

    Multitasking & Making Decisions

    An airport tower controller clears an aircraft...

    “into position and hold” on a runway to be ready to go as soon as she can get another aircraft to cross the far end of the runway. That other aircraft is on the wrong frequency, delaying communication, and the controller must manage several other aircraft during the delay. Visibility is poor because of twilight and smog. Forgetting that she has not yet cleared the aircraft holding on the runway to take off, or perhaps confusing it with a similar aircraft still on the taxiway, the controller clears an approaching aircraft to land on the same runway, which it does, destroying both aircraft, and killing several dozen people.

    Multitasking & Tasks

    A nurse, preparing to inject a patient,

    notices that the drug he is drawing into the syringe is not the one he remembered being prescribed. He is about to check the physician’s order when he is interrupted by an urgent call from another nurse. After helping the other nurse, he returns to do the injection but forgets his intention to check the drug order and injects the drug. The patient suffers a severe adverse reaction.

  • To set your foundation for the next decade,

    save your spot below.



    1.5 hours of purposeful prompts to reveal your life patterns and heart's vision.

    Join us with a journal and pen.

    ISOLATION is fatal to our goals, dreams & wishes.

    Cost: This workshop is a GIFT!!!

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